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What a great idea. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words had it right. This really works!
Evie, California - Teacher
Learning the great short speech can be fun and easy for all ages!
Archy, Oregon - Home School Student
I love this site... I love these great ideas for the Gettysburg Address!
These memory cards are a fun and useful tool for individuals of any age to learn and remember the words of the Gettysburg Address.
Jessica, Utah - Writer
Memorizing the words of the Gettysburg Address is an amazing way to internalize the thoughts and values that have made this nation great.
Brian, Utah - Writer
Learning this speech by heart was a patriotic, educational, and fun experience for our family! What a great combination!
Sean, New York - Doctor
Many of the great orators of the ages have used quotes from topics memorized in their youth. What a great way to plant seeds of patriotism in the minds of our leaders of tomorrow.
Darrell, California - Teacher
I get emotional as these words sink into my heart. (I learned it in two days with these cards!)
Anni, Oregon - Homemaker
They are YOLO. #yolosbergaddress
Tom, Utah - Senior Strategist